At Precise RV Inspection we want everyone who buys a new or used RV to get an independent, professional inspection.  It just makes sense.  RV’s have a reputation of poor reliability.  Coupled with a months long wait for questionable service, and you can see why buying an RV is not for the faint of heart.

Surprisingly, very few RV buyers invest in a certified inspection before they plunk down their hard earned cash.  Mostly, it is a matter of education, but it’s a simple concept; a comprehensive, understandable, and timely report gives buyers and sellers confidence and negotiating power.

Increased negotiating power often means that a Precise RV Inspection report pays for itself.  With our report in hand, buyers and sellers can validate known issues, and negotiate on previously unknown issues.  With a true view of the condition of the RV, you can negotiate a fair price.

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